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Settling & Sleeping For Babies & Toddlers

Babybliss offers many different types of services to address sleeping and settling in young babies and children.

Jo has developed a gentle technique of assisting children to learn how to sleep on their own without needing any props or assistance from their parents.

BabyBliss does not use Controlled Crying or Cry-It-Out as methods of sleep training because we believe it is important for children to feel supported and safe when learning to put themselves to sleep, a skill they will have for their whole life.

Click here for a full list of Babybliss services in pdf format.

Sleep Programs

Babybliss Three Night In-Home Sleep Management Program

We have a pretty great success rate with this sleep management program!

Jo prefers babies to be around 6 months of age and eating some solids before starting on this program however we do assist younger babies and are happy to discuss your particular case with you.

Younger babies, and even babies of 6 month and older may still need one night feed. We are happy to discuss this with parents at the initial phone consult.

What’s involved?

Three night programs are done by Jo Ryan or a BabyBliss consultant.

We will come to your home for three consecutive nights to teach your child to sleep better overnight.

We come to your home every evening before your child goes to bed and then attend to the child during the night using the Babybliss Settling Technique. Parents are encouraged to get a good night’s sleep!

Each morning we reports to the parents on what occurred during the night and our observations and expectations. We also talk parents through what to expect during the day and how to deal with the daytime naps.

We offer full support once we have left to help continue the process and get the best result possible.

Once children learn to sleep well on their own at night they often sleep much better during the day, eat better and are generally happier when awake.

Customised Written Sleep Program

This program also has a very high success rate but success very much depends on parent’s commitment and consistency.

What’s involved?

An initial long phone consultation with Jo Ryan to get the current 24 routine and full history/background.

Jo then writes a customised program for you and your child including an ideal routine based on the background. This is sent to the parents via email.

Jo offers full phone/email support during implementation of the program to answer any questions or queries and in case we need to make any changes to the program.

Time allocated for this program:

Timing really depends on the age of the child and the ability to commit. Older children obviously take more time and previous history also must be taken into account, e.g. has the child been sleeping in their own bed etc.

However previous programs have taken anywhere from three days to 3 weeks to implement fully.

Short & Long Day In-Home Visits

BabyBliss offers a couple of day visits to deal with such things as:

  • Catnapping
  • Unsettled young babies
  • Four month sleep regression


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