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Babybliss by Jo Ryan - paperback - 320 pages - $26.98 from

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Babybliss by Jo Ryan – paperback – 320 pages – $29.99

Is your household suffering from sleep deprivation?

Are you feeling daunted by the prospect of becoming a new parent?

Babybliss by Jo Ryan is the Australian must—have guide to sleeping, settling and establishing routines for your baby

Jo Ryan – paediatric nurse, nanny extraordinaire and considered by many as ‘the Baby Whisperer’ – has spent her life reassuring and empowering new and stressed—out parents and soothing their young babies.

In her much anticipated book, Babybliss, she gives you the practical and gentle advice on subjects like:

  • buy now with Paypalsleeping patterns
  • feeding routines
  • crawling, walking and playing
  • personality and development

and how YOU can become a confident parent.

Jo also answers new parents’ frequently asked questions, and shares tips and techniques on all issues relating to your baby’s health and happiness, so you can create a better experience for your young family.

About Jo Ryan:

Jo is a registered nurse with nearly twenty years’ experience, with most of her career spent working in pediatrics. She has also worked as a full—time nanny in Australia and overseas.

Jo completed a Masters of Public Health, studying the health and well-being of women and their children in a public health context, focusing on the levels of support available to mothers of young infants within the community.

As well as running her support and advice service, Babybliss, she regularly appears as a parenting expert on television.

Jo lives in Sydney.

Jo Ryan on ‘The Babybliss Technique’:

Over the years of dealing with babies and primarily working to improve their sleep issues, I have developed my own philosophy on how you can get your baby to be a great sleeper, all the while enjoying the early years without having to go through too much stress as a family.

Now obviously there will always be hiccups along the way and times where you feel you have no idea what is going on.

The Babybliss Settling Technique and the Babybliss philosophy give you something to fall back on during these times and some guidelines to follow through your baby’s young life.

I believe that if you get the early days of your baby’s life sorted, then the rest will fall into place. You really don’t want to have a four-year-old child who is still not sleeping through the night — and believe me that can happen!

I don’t believe in being very strict and rigid with routines while your baby is a newborn.

Those very strict and clock-watching-driven routines can just set you up to fail and lead to feelings of frustration and depression.

It is almost impossible to get a newborn baby to stay awake for more than an hour, and a lot of these routines that so-called experts advocate have your baby awake for up to three hours at a time!

Some techniques also encourage you to wake your sleeping newborn after only short naps —another piece of advice I totally disagree with.

The Babybliss Technique is all about getting to know your baby in those early days and letting them set the pace somewhat with regard to feeding and sleeping.

That said, you can definitely have a plan, but rather than looking at the whole day, I believe you should look at each cycle of feeding, activity and sleep.

These cycles can happen anywhere between two and four hours with a newborn, but you really need to feed your baby when they are hungry. This pattern will set up your milk supply, and it also means your baby should settle and sleep well until they need to be fed again.

As your baby grows you can start to have more of a structure to your days and nights, and by three months you should have a definite routine for your baby.

That said, again I am not a fan of being completely rigid with a routine, but by this time you should have your baby sleeping in one to two large chunks at night and having three definite sleeps during the day.

The best thing about the Babybliss Technique is that it offers parents an effective way of teaching babies to be good sleepers without having to resort to stressful techniques such as controlled crying.

It also means that you won’t be up in the middle of the night feeding your child when they are a toddler and that you don’t have to have your baby in bed with you to settle them if you don’t want to.

The Babybliss Technique is a gentle way to get your baby to learn to self-settle as soon as they are able to, and it encourages your child to have good sleeping patterns, as well as being happy and secure in their cot or bed at night.

Praise for Babybliss:

‘As an accomplished businesswoman, I thought: how hard can this baby thing be? When my world turned upside down, I felt almost embarrassed asking for help. If only I had met Jo Ryan sooner. Not only did she help me have a happier baby but I also became a blissfully happy mum.’ – Donna Hay

‘Jo Ryan has a gift. She understands babies. Babybliss, the book, is basic, easy to read, understand and follow. Its a light hearted routine of allowing you and your baby flexibility yet establishing great sleeping and settling habits. We have been so blessed with the arrival of our baby girl Nevada who at 7 weeks was already sleeping through. My husband chose Jo’s book and we loved reading it. I feel every parent’s biggest fear is how to calm, settle and put their baby to sleep. Jo explains all this in calming way for both baby and parent. The book is brilliant not only for mothers but for their partners as well. We have recommended this book to so many of our friends, and love talking to them about Babybliss. We are already ready for number 2 & Nevada is now only 19weeks! Jo, you are just extremely gifted and talented and we hope you can touch so many parents out there who are in need of your help.’
- Thomas, Elka & Nevada Whalan

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