Get your baby sleeping through by 2017!

Get an extra 10% off this already AMAZING deal, if you book before Christmas!

Would you like to be sleeping better by 2017? How about an early Christmas present to get you and your baby (and your household) sleeping better?!
If you are in Melbourne or Canberra, I am offering $550* off our signature program, the Three Night Sleep Program, with me.
Imagine that cloudiness of the head along with the fatigue and forgetfulness being something of the past!
*If you book before Christmas you will receive an extra 10% off, bring the price total to $2655 – that is almost $1000 off the usual fee!


We have a great success rate with this sleep management program! I do prefer babies to be around 6 months of age and eating some solids before starting on this program however we do assist younger babies and are happy to discuss your particular case with you. Younger babies, and even babies of 6 month and older may still need one overnight feed.

What’s involved?

  • Program is done by me, Jo Ryan, founder of BabyBliss who has over 12 years’ experience settling babies and has helped thousands of parents.
  • I come to your home for three consecutive nights to teach your child to sleep better overnight.
  • I arrive each evening before your child goes to bed and then attends to the child during the night using the BabyBliss Settling Technique (which involves NO controlled crying or cry-it-out techniques).
  • Parents are encouraged to get a good night’s sleep while I am there!
  • Each morning I report back to you on what occurred during the night and my observations and expectations. I also talk you through what to expect during the day and how to deal with the daytime naps.
  • Unlimited support by phone or email for 60 days after the service to help continue the process and get the best result possible.

Once children learn to sleep well on their own at night they often sleep much better during the day, eat better and are generally happier when awake.

Jo was so amazing. She seemed to have a sixth sense about what our baby needed and how to calm her and best of all, she showed us so that we could do it ourselves in a way that made sense and was tailored to us perfectly, not some cookie cutter approach. In addition, she was so patient and friendly and a genuine delight to have around. We felt like we had invited a friend to stay – a friend who just happened to be a magician with our baby and could answer all our questions with deep understanding and knowledge. If you are considering engaging Jo’s services, don’t hesitate; just do it. Every moment you delay is one more moment between a more rested you and your happier baby. We could not be more thrilled with how Jo has transformed our little world.” – BabyBliss mum, Melbourne

The cost for me is usually $3500 in Melbourne and Canberra. This special is $550 off that price, so now, until the end of the year the price is $2950!

Please contact us here, or email for more information or if you would like to book in.

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