Catnapping baby – Premium Phone Consult


You can get your baby sleeping for longer stretches during the day and stop the stress of up and down waking. Kick catnapping to the curb with this one-on-one consult with Jo Ryan and beat those 45 minute naps! This phone consultation is designed to give you confidence and vital skills to resettle baby when s/he wakes and get baby sleeping longer.

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Kick catnapping to the curb with the our Catnapping Baby Premium Phone/Video Consult.

The Premium Consult for baby catnapping includes:

  • 30 minute phone/video one-on-one consult with Jo Ryan.
  • Unlimited email support for 30 days.
  • The Video Guide to Settling an Overtired Baby.

Once you have purchased your consult, you will be contacted by BabyBliss to book in a time.


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