Catnapping baby – six hour day visit with Jo Ryan


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Get your baby sleeping longer in the day and not waking after just 35 minutes. This gentle and effective six hour day visit will help you stop your baby catnapping and give you confidence and vital skills to resettle baby when s/he wakes… all in the comfort of your own home. 

For hands-on-help, this six hour day visit with Jo Ryan will help you beat those catnapping blues (Sydney/Melbourne only).


(For Sydney/Melbourne only)

If you are struggling and need some hands-on help to deal with baby catnapping, this is the service for you.

Jo will come to your home before the baby goes down for their first nap of the day, and demonstrate the incredibly successful BabyBliss Settling Technique. Being there for both day naps give you a chance to practice the technique and be coached by Jo, the founder of BabyBliss and the BabyBliss Settling Technique.

Our 6-hour day visit  with Jo includes:

  • Having an expert baby sleep consultant settle your baby for two sleeps in their own bed.
  • Demonstration of resettling using the BabyBliss Settling Technique.
  • Comprehensive review of the current routine and full recommendations for any necessary adjustments.
  • Unlimited support for 45 days.

Once you have purchased your service, you will be contacted by BabyBliss to book in a time.

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