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BabyBliss is Australia’s best known and most respected parenting support service.

Established in 2004 by best-selling parenting author Jo Ryan, BabyBliss provides advice, support and assistance to parents to manage their children’s needs, from newborns to toddlers and beyond.

BabyBliss uses the gentle BabyBliss Settling Technique when dealing with all babies and toddlers.

BabyBliss believes that confident parenting is essential in day to day family life and helps young babies and children feel secure and confident.

Jo and the BabyBliss consultants work with families in their own home, in their environment, to their own standards and in a way that is suitable to each family’s unique beliefs and practice. For more information on our service, click here.

BabyBliss also offers a phone support service, and provides a variety of different visits to suit your individual needs.

The support and advice provided by Jo Ryan and BabyBliss will ultimately assist in reducing the stress that is felt by all parents, creating a better experience of early parenthood and young family life.

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  • Jo Ryan
    Jo Ryan Founder & Director

    Jo Ryan, BA MPH was a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years, with much of that time spent working in paediatrics. She also worked as a full-time nanny for many years both in Australia and overseas which greatly enhanced her understanding of babies and young children and the pressures of parenting.

    As well as being a Registered Nurse, Jo has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Public Health. When doing her Masters degree Jo focused her study on the health and wellbeing of women and their children in a Public Health context and the levels of support available to them within the community.

    Jo also conducted research into the types of support services women prefer and how home visiting provides much needed support and helps reduce the stress and anxiety that is part of early parenting.

    In 2017, Jo begun studying Infant Mental Health through Melbourne University and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

    Jo’s philosophy of assisting parents within their own environment helps them to feel more confident in dealing with their child and it ensures that parents feel secure with new the routine and techniques before leaving them to carry on alone.

    Jo firmly believes that the parents’ lifestyle and beliefs should be considered and accommodated when planning BabyBliss programs and teaching skills.

  • Louise Woodland
    Louise Woodland BabyBliss Consultant - Sydney

    Louise is a professional nanny with over 20 years experience caring for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Louise holds an N.N.E.B, the UK’s recognised childcare certificate. She is an Australian citizen and has lived in Sydney for 12 years since relocating from the U.K.

    Louise has worked with many families with newborn babies. This has enabled her to develop experience and knowledge in the successful establishment of healthy routines and sleeping habits for babies and their families.

    Louise has two children of her own. Her son, Sam is three years old. He is a really gentle, sociable and happy character. Her daughter, Maggie is one. She is a cheerful, curious and busy girl who is in a very good routine.

  • Keren Sharon
    Keren Sharon BabyBliss Consultant - Sydney

    After having her four children, including a set of twins, Keren went back to university to study Midwifery. She has a passion for postnatal and newborn care. Keren has extensive experience in breastfeeding support. She is also a pregnancy yoga instructor.

    Keren aims to promote a sense of competence and autonomy in new parents, and derives immense satisfaction from observing their journey unfold. While firmly grounded in recent evidence, Keren loves thinking creatively about challenges families may face and come together with the parent/s to a plan or approach that is individually tailored, acceptable and workable.

  • Jane Davidson
    Jane Davidson Counsellor

    Jane is an experienced counsellor providing counselling and support for mums and their new families who may be experiencing some concern or who would like some extra support, this can also include bereavement counselling.  Jane is a qualified social worker and mother of two and passionate about families.  Jane works from a systems theory approach walking along side mums and families in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, their family, and their changing role in life safely and respectfully. Jane has extensive experience in professional supervision, group facilitation and training, staff and team management as well as working with youth, individuals and families.

  • Arlene Beresford
    Arlene Beresford BabyBliss Consultant - Melbourne

    Arlene is a qualified Kindergarten Teacher and Nanny with over 20 years experience. She has extensive exposure working internationally with culturally diverse families caring children of all ages.

    Over the past six years Arlene has specifically harnessed her career in supporting families with newborns and multiple births and specifically focusing on sleeping and broader routines.

    She is a mother of two young children and is extremely passionate about creating happy family environments and supporting mothers to have the confidence to trust their motherly instincts.

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