Here you will find ideal 24 hour routines for your baby from newborn to twelve months of age. At BabyBliss, we don’t believe in rigid clock-watching, particularly for young babies. But these routines will help give you a plan to follow and practical, effective advice and tips about sleeping, feeding and activity for your baby.

 I loved your newborn routine and from the day we began using it, my little boy was more settled, slept better and we barely needed to use the strategies we’d found for calming hysterical babies in the previous weeks….because we knew how to avoid him getting into that state in the first place.

Alison, Singapore

3 to 6 Month Old Baby Sleep Routine
6 Months to 9 Months
6 Weeks to 3 Months Routine
9 to 12 months routine
Newborns to Six Weeks Routine
12 months to 18  months routine

Tip Sheets

Our tip sheets contain gentle, practical advice and FAQs that will help you through specific situations.

We recommend you only buy one tip sheet at a time and use the techniques in it before considering a second tip sheet.

My bub is 5 months and was waking 4-6 times a night from midnight until 6am. I used this tip sheet and by night two my baby slept from 6pm – 5:45am!! I never thought it could be so quick! Highly recommend getting this 🙂 Happy Mumma!

Rebecca, BabyBliss Mum

Catnapping Tip Sheet
Driving to Sleep Dependency Tip Sheet
Dummy Dependency Tip Sheet
Early Morning Waking Tip Sheet
Feeding to Sleep Dependency Tip Sheet
Reflux Tip Sheet
Rocking/Cuddling to Sleep Dependency Tip Sheet


Take a look at all of our video to help you get through those early months. Videos deal with subjects like; wrapping your baby, burping your baby, dealing with an overtired baby, as well as some comprehensive videos guides.

Video Guide To Settling an Over-Tired Baby
Video Guide to Weeks 7 to 12

Seminar Recordings

These recordings are packed with advice and practical tips on how to deal with the challenges of parenthood. Understand the facts and learn how to trust your intuition.

Catnapping and the 4 month sleep regression Parenting Seminar
Discipline Strategies – setting limits
Should My Baby Be Sleeping Better Seminar May 10
What you child needs from you with Dr Justin Coulson


The BabyBliss book by Jo Ryan is one of the most-loved baby books in Australia. Jo’s gentle, but practical approach, along with some fabulous tips, routines, and a guide to the amazing BabyBliss Settling Technique, gives new parents the confidence they are looking for.

The book is also available as an iBook.

Babybliss by Jo Ryan
Babybliss by Jo Ryan – iBook Edition
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