Discipline Strategies – setting limits


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Kids driving you insane? Just want them to do as they’re told? Need them to LISTEN?

Kids push boundaries. It’s what they were designed to do! So how can we help them to stay safe, tidy up, be kind, share, and be perfectly pleasant little people without having to constantly monitor, shout, threaten, bribe, do time-out, and give away goodies?

Setting limits with kids requires a lot more than simply telling them what to do and then punishing them or rewarding them based on whether or not they are obedient. By the end of this presentation, Dr Justin Coulson, from Happy Families, will help you discover creative solutions for working with your children to help them stay within the limits. The session explores:

  1. Why punishments and rewards don’t work – and what to do instead
  2. How your children’s development impacts their ability to stick with the rules
  3. How getting our hearts attuned to theirs changes everything about discipline.


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