Our help starts with listening to you to get an in depth understanding of your baby. Expert baby sleep consultants analyse your situation to work out what’s right for you. You are provided with personalised, gentle, effective advice using science balanced with your own intuition. We don’t use controlled crying or cry-it-out techniques.

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If you are struggling with a baby who isn’t sleeping and you want to talk to someone as soon as possible, our Phone Consultations may be right for you. These services give you the opportunity for a consultation over the phone during which we can get details of your specific concerns and give you tips and suggestions on how to deal with the sleep problem you are experiencing. The consultation can usually be scheduled within 48 hours.

Baby Sleep Saver

Our Baby Sleep Saver gives you an additional, powerful set of tools to help support your baby and you:

  • an in depth phone consultation with Jo Ryan to cover your baby’s history and current 24 hour sleep patterns (up to 45 minutes);
  • a comprehensive, personalised written program for you and your baby which contains an analysis of your baby’s sleep approach, a detailed routine tailored to your child, a set of recommendations and instructions on how to implement the new routine and a range of FAQs;
  • a video guide to your baby’s tired signs;
  • 30 days of follow-up support by Skype, phone or email to help you implement the new approach.

Timing really depends on the age of the child and the ability to commit. Older children obviously take more time and previous history also must be taken into account, e.g. whether the child been sleeping in their own bed etc. Previous programs have taken anywhere from three days to 3 weeks to implement fully.

Premium Phone Consult

We also offer a Premium Consultation plus Support. This consult is a 30 minutes Skype or phone consult with Jo Ryan. Jo will answer all your questions plus look at the routine, the settling and provide you with invaluable advice.This includes unlimited follow-up support for 30 days after the consult.

Basic Phone Consult

In addition to the Premium Phone Consult we also offer a Basic Phone Consult. This is a one-off 30 minutes phone/Skype consult with Jo Ryan.

What parents say after a consultation

I was, and still am stunned at how easy and quick Jo’s method was for getting my daughter (19 months) to sleep through the night.

  • Consultation length
  • Email support
  • Skype/phone support
  • Written materials
  • Video materials
  • Baby Sleep Saver
    • Up to 45 minutes
    • Unlimited for 30 days
    • Unlimited for 30 days
    • Personalised written program
    • Settling an Overtired Baby
  • Premium
    • Up to 30 minutes
    • Unlimited for 30 days
  • Basic
    $150 -
    • Up to 30 minutes

What mothers say before BabyBliss services

“My baby won’t sleep”
“What am I doing wrong?”
“I’m crying all the time.”
“It’s not working.”
“I’m a bit #%^& at this.”
“I’m supposed to know how to do this.”
“Is their not sleeping hurting them?”
“Am I doing the right thing?”
“You think I’d know how to do this.”

What mothers say after BabyBliss services

“My baby’s so much happier and calmer.”
“I’ve got time to clean the house, take a shower, have a cup of tea, even talk to a friend.”
“I’ve got the energy to enjoy my baby.”
“I’m connecting with my baby in a different way.”
“I’ve can play with her and nurture her development without so much stress.”
“I just feel more rested.””

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