Q&A: Early morning waking

I receive a lot of questions from the BabyBliss community and a common theme is early morning waking. Early morning waking in babies and toddlers is common, particularly around Daylight Saving [...]

Q&A: Settling your baby

A common theme through questions I receive from the BabyBliss community is on the topic of babies that are having a hard time settling. I know controlled crying or cry-it-out methods can be so [...]

Worrying about my baby at night

A guest post from a BabyBliss mum. It’s 10.30pm and I’m in bed, exhausted. I just switched off the light and I’m desperate for a good night’s sleep. Before I went to bed, [...]

Remembering Henry

Four years ago I lost my only child, Henry. Henry was born at 22 and a half weeks (for some reason that half is important to me). His birth, and subsequent death, was the most profound and [...]

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