5 tips on dealing with the end of daylight savings

Daylight Savings ends in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT on Sunday the 2nd of April. Remember before you had children, when you used to look forward to the end of daylight savings when it meant you had what felt like an extra hour in bed? Not anymore. Whenever we move the clocks forward or back, it can create major sleep disruptions for babies and children, not to mention the parents! So here are our tips to get you through the change without losing too much sleep:

  • Starting on Wednesday 29 March put your baby to bed for the night 15 minutes later than you would normally. So, if your baby is going to bed at 6.30pm, put them down at 6.45pm.
  • Keep doing this every night so by Saturday night you are putting them down an hour later than you would normally.
  • Once you have started moving the bedtime later, then try and keep your baby in their bed 15 minutes longer than you normally would every morning.
  • Move the day sleeps the same way starting on Thursday 30 March.
  • Don’t panic!

If you think your child is going to take longer to adjust, you can always start earlier and spend more time at each stage. For example, you could do two days at 6.45pm, two days at 7pm and so on.

If you need more help or find you are struggling to make the adjustment, we can help you. A phone consult with Jo or our Baby Sleep Saver would be a great option to help you get through this difficult transition. Click here to book now!

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