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You can settle your baby without the dummy but you might need a bit of help. The idea of getting rid of the dummy may be daunting but this tip sheet contains gentle, practical advice that can help you get your baby sleeping dummy free and the whole family sleeping better

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Most parents have tried a dummy at some stage. They can feel so useful and be so comforting to baby but sooner or later, they can become something you’re desperate to get rid of.

The idea of getting rid of the dummy may be daunting but this tip sheet contains gentle, practical advice that can help you get your baby sleeping dummy free and the whole family sleeping better

Please note, we recommend you only buy one tip sheet at a time. The techniques from one tip sheet can often be used to tackle problems described in other tip sheets. Sleep associations can be quite similar even if the specific item (such as a rocking to sleep, using a dummy, or driving to sleep) is different. Feel free to contact us if you’d like advice before buying a second tip sheet.

8 reviews for Dummy Dependency Tip Sheet

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    My bub is 5 months and was waking 4-6 times a night from midnight until 6am. I used this tip sheet and by night two my baby slept from 6pm – 5:45am!! I never thought it could be so quick! Highly recommend getting this 🙂 Happy Mumma!

  2. Lou (verified owner)

    My little one was waking 10 times a night due to her dummy falling out and not being able to reach it. We decided it was time to cold turkey and using the tip sheet, we not only have a new way to settle but she managed very well and is waking only for feeds, giving us more sleep. The sheet gave us the confidence to take this step forward and we won’t be returning to dummies again!

  3. Jenn (verified owner)

    This is just what i needed to give me the confidence to chuck the dummies. I was skeptical it would work so fast but my 4 month old really had forgotten about the dummy within 48 hours

  4. Claire (verified owner)

    I was nervous about getting rid of the dummy, but it has turned out to be a positive thing for my 6 month old. The dummy was interfering with her ability to settle herself in the night and she had started sleeping for really short periods of time day & night (sometimes as little as half an hour at a time). This tip sheet helped us a lot. I initially tried the gradual weaning approach, but we weren’t seeing an improvement. A week ago we went cold turkey for all sleeps and she can now settle herself to sleep much more easily. Jo gives excellent, sound advice which is respectful to bubs and parents.

  5. Lisa S (verified owner)

    After all these sleepless nights and chasing the Dummy… One day I decided to get help … Jo replied in within one day and just from not even seeing my baby just from listening to my problem she gave me advice. It was the silly Dummy causing the problem!! I followed the dummy sheet and in only 2 days the Dummy was history and my baby is sleeping peacefully. I am now working on getting her to sleep through the night and very confident with Jo’s technique . AMAZING support, service and advice !!! THANK YOU!

    • Jo

      Great to hear it worked so well for you Lisa. Thanks for your feedback! Jo

  6. Vanessa (verified owner)

    My little man is 7months and I was very nervous about dummy weaning as I don’t like the thought of controlled crying and I didn’t know how else to approach bit. We followed BabyBliss approach and on the first night it took 20mins for him to fall asleep and then the following night 5mins. I was prepared for a week of pain but it was honestly 2 days! And I’d notice on the monitor during the night he’d resettle himself. He’s waking much happier of a morning too. For the day sleeps he also settles well but it took a while for him to resettle but after two weeks our day sleeps are longer too! I was so nervous about ditching the dummy but would honestly do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks so much for an approach that is gentle and respectful for my little man.

    • Jo

      Thanks so much for your comment Vanessa. And I am so pleased the tip sheet helped you. Jo

  7. charlotte east (verified owner)

    For my little one weaning the dummy was the best thing for her. It would constantly fall out and then every time she starred and it wasn’t there she would wake up crying! Every hour overnight!! Followed the advice on this tip sheet and never looked back. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me my sleep back

  8. Sarah (verified owner)

    Bub was 3.5 months old and started waking 5-10 times a night just to have his dummy put back in. I downloaded the dummy dependency sheet and on night one he woke only twice for feeds. Admittedly he was much harder to settle without the dummy initially, however he was definitely sleeping much better. With persistence and sticking to the settling method on the sheet, two weeks later we are now able to put him down in his cot, kiss him goodnight and he does the rest – and he resettles himself during the night so everyone is sleeping much better. Thank you!

    • Jo

      Thanks for your feedback Sarah. So pleased it went so well! Jo

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