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Get your baby sleeping more easily and for longer. Our consultations start with listening to you to get an in depth understanding of your baby. Jo Ryan, an expert with 20 years experience of settling babies, will analyse your situation to work out what’s right for you. You will be provided with personalised, gentle, effective advice using science balanced with your own intuition. We don’t use controlled crying or cry-it-out techniques but we do use real, tried and tested techniques to get you and your baby sleeping better.

“I could not be much happier with the outcome from our phone conversation… There was not one bad night, not even at the beginning, I was stunned!” – BabyBliss parent

Choose below from our Premium Consultation with a 30 minute phone call plus 30 days email support or our Basic Consultation with the phone call only.

You can do the consultation via phone or Skype and get real, practical advice that you can implement now to get better sleep for you and your baby.

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If you are struggling with a baby who isn’t sleeping and you want to talk to someone as soon as possible, our one-on-one consultations may be right for you. These services give you the opportunity for a consultation by video (skype) or over the phone during which Jo Ryan, baby sleep expert, will provide comprehensive, detailed advice on how to deal with the sleep problem you are experiencing. The consultation can usually be scheduled within 48 hours and the changes can be implemented rapidly. One mother said:

“I was, and still am stunned at how easy and quick Jo’s method was for getting my daughter (19months) to sleep through the night. CIO is not something I wanted to do, but was going mad with exhaustion – so hoped to make the whole process as gentle on my daughter as possible. The night following our phone consultation, it was like a magic ‘BabyBliss’ wand had been waved and she was sleeping for 12 hours straight within 2 days. I would highly recommend BabyBliss to anyone who is even fleetingly considering it. Their services are worth every penny and more. Working with Jo and her team has been a pleasant experience from start to finish.”

Once you have purchased your consultation, you will be contacted by BabyBliss within 24 hours to book a time. Basic consultation (select ‘one-off consult’): one-on-one consultation by video (skype) or over the phone during which Jo Ryan, baby sleep expert, will provide comprehensive, detailed advice on how to deal with the sleep problem you are experiencing. Premium consultation (select ‘Consult with follow-up support’): as above plus unlimited support by email for 30 days following your consultation.


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