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Get your baby sleeping longer in the day! Essential facts and advice on catnapping baby to help you get your baby sleeping for longer. Loaded with effective tips, this practical guide is aimed at getting you through that catnapping phase and feeling confident resettling your baby.

One client described our tips as, “Fantastic! Really made a difference to getting my baby to have a proper day sleep and stop waking up after 30 minutes.”

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At some stage (usually around eight to ten weeks) babies can start to catnap. Sleeping 30 to 45 minutes, they wake looking like they’ve had the best sleep possible then get tired again after only a short period. Most babies go through this catnapping phase and, left to their own devices would continue to only sleep in short bursts, until they are much older.

The BabyBliss catnapping tip sheet offers you practical tips on dealing with this stage and how you can get your baby sleeping for as long as they need during the day.

3 reviews for Catnapping Tip Sheet

  1. Daria (verified owner)

    My 12 week old was a notorious cat napper… that’s if he went down for a nap to begin with. Using the BabyBliss settling method described in the catnapping tip sheet I was able to overcome both issues. Firstly, I can now place my baby awake in the cot, pat and shush for a few seconds and he will drift off to sleep. Secondly I can now get him to sleep for a second sleep cycle with ease. Whist he resisted at first, with persistence (and a lot of consistency over a period of a week)he has gradually gotten the hang of this and he is slowly beginning to learn to resettle himself so I don’t have to. The improvement of his day time naps has also had a positive impact on this night time naps. Whereas he used to sleep in 3-4 hour blocks at night he now sometimes goes for 6 or even 7 hours without waking. As his sleep has improved so has his moods. He’s a much happier baby now that he’s getting the right amount of sleep throughout the day and night. Needless to say this has also had a positive impact on me and my husband who are finding life with a well rested baby a lot more relaxed and we’re able to finally get things done!

    • Jo (verified owner)

      Thanks for your comments Daria. I am so pleased things are better and you have a happier baby!

  2. Liz M (verified owner)

    As a first time mum, I was both overwhelmed with all the different sleep and settling approaches out there (Tizzie Hall, Gina Ford et al) and at the same time felt I didn’t know where to start to get bub into a bit of a routine.

    I started with the Catnapping Tip Sheet, when my baby was about 8 weeks old, to break him of the habit of waking up after one sleep cycle in his naps. After being consistent in using the Babybliss approach, after about a week he was settling himself back to sleep in the day, and sleeping through the night! I was so impressed that I also bought the BabyBliss book, and it is a wonderful resource.

    I’ve now recommended it to all my mum friends too. Thanks Jo!

    • Jo (verified owner)

      Thanks for your comments Liz! I am so pleased things are going well. Happy to have helped! Jo

  3. Alyssa (verified owner)

    Wow this turned around our days in a matter of days! So simple yet effective. Second time around I thought it would be easier but she had us stumped with all this catnapping business! After following this for a few days she is now sleeping at least 1.5 hours each day sleep, and usually throws in a three hour sleep in the afternoon! Actual bliss I can now spend more time with my toddler and not spend 35-45 mins settling for only 30mins of sleep! Give it a go!

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