Early Morning Waking Tip Sheet


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If you’re sick of starting the day at 5am, it might be time to gently teach your baby how to sleep in. This tip sheet contains gentle, practical advice to get your baby sleeping longer in the morning so you can start the day at a reasonable hour.

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At some stage or another many babies will wake early. The problem is if they always wake very early (say 5am). It starts to make the whole family wake early and feel exhausted by the end of the day.

It is possible to get babies sleeping longer in the morning and rising for the day at a reasonable hour. This tip sheet contains gentle, practical advice that can help you get you resettle your baby in the morning, and eventually get them to sleep longer without intervention from you.

Please note, we recommend you only buy one tip sheet at a time. The techniques from one tip sheet can often be used to tackle problems described in other tip sheets. Sleep associations can be quite similar even if the specific item (such as a rocking to sleep, using a dummy, or driving to sleep) is different. Feel free to contact us if you’d like advice before buying a second tip sheet.

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