Video Guide to Your Baby’s Tired Signs


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In this short but jam packed video, Jo Ryan from Babybliss talks about how long a new born baby should be awake, what tired signs are and how to spot them and putting baby down awake to start the process towards equipping your baby for self-settling.

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In this short but jam packed video, Jo Ryan from Babybliss talks about:

  • how long a new born baby should be awake for,
  • and what you can expect to be doing during that time
  • the dangers of letting your baby stay awake too long
  • how to spot the tired signs & what those 5 signs are
  • whether of not to let your baby sleep on the breast
  • whether it’s ok to put baby down when she’s awake
  • how long to expect your baby to sleep for
  • routine establishment at very early stages
  • being flexible with your expectations

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