Payment deadlines

We want your experience with BabyBliss to be a positive one and we need to be fair to all our clients. That’s why we ask you to pay your deposit as soon as you get the invoice and within 24 hours of the invoice at the very latest.

If you don’t pay your deposit within 24 hours of the invoice, because of demand for our services, we can’t guarantee that you will keep your booking slot.

We also need you to pay the full amount of your invoice 48 business hours before your allocated time. This means for a Wednesday night appointment, you will pay your full invoice by 5pm Monday night; for a Monday night appointment, you will pay your invoice by 5pm, Thursday.

Cancelling and rescheduling

Any cancellation barring medical or other emergencies will result in forfeit of the deposit.

If you cancel less than 48 hours before the engagement, then the entire amount of the engagement fee will be forfeited, unless we can backfill your place with someone from our waiting list.

Due to demand for bookings, it is difficult to postpone a booking. In certain circumstances, we will postpone a booking without forfeiting the deposit but we require at least seven days’ notice.

If rescheduling is requested closer than seven days to the engagement, barring exceptional circumstances, the deposit will be forfeited. If rescheduling is requested closer than 48 hours, barring exceptional circumstances, the reschedule will be treated as a cancellation and the entire engagement amount will be forfeited, unless we can backfill your place with someone from our waiting list.

If a rescheduling is agreed between you and BabyBliss, the deposit will be applied to the new booking.

Barring exceptional circumstances, we will not postpone a booking more than once.

What happens if my baby is sick when the BabyBliss visit is supposed to happen?

If your baby is a little bit under the weather, like a runny nose, and does not have a temperature, we’d generally proceed as planned. If your baby is sick, has a temperature or has been diagnosed by a doctor with a medical condition, we will postpone. Please give us as much notice as possible. We reserve the right to ask for a medical certificate before determining whether the deposit or engagement fee will be forfeited.

What happens if my baby sleeps through on the nights of the visit?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict how your baby will respond when we are there. If your baby sleeps through, we do not offer a refund but we can discuss other services that can be provided and in certain circumstances, we may be able to provide additional support.

Do you guarantee that your approach will “fix” my baby?

No. After more than 15 years of working with parents and babies, we are confident in the service we provide however, there are always exceptions. Babies are individuals with individual personalities. It is hard to predict how they will respond and we do not provide refunds for unexpected results or change of mind.  For all onsite services, we provide follow up support and usually this is sufficient to manage baby behaviour following our consultations even if your baby has responded unusually on the night/s or day/s we visit.

Bottom line: we want you to be happy with our service but we cannot cater for highly unusual results.

Disclaimer: BabyBliss representatives are not medical practitioners

The client acknowledges and agrees that in providing the Services:

(a) None of BabyBliss Pty Limited or its officers, employees, consultants or agents are qualified to provide medical advice or treatment;

(b) BabyBliss Pty Limited has been retained by the client to provide the Services and not to provide medical advice or treatment for any child of the client; and

(c) The client remains responsible for the medical health and welfare of any child of the client for whom BabyBliss Pty Limited has been retained to provide the Services.

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