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The BabyBliss book is now available in iBook. Here is a lovely letter we received from one very happy mum!

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Please take a few minutes to read how much your techniques have changed our little family for the better 🙂

I downloaded your iBook over two weeks ago now. Our son, about 11 weeks old at the time, was a serial catnapper during the day. He would sleep 11 or so hours at night, with one wake up to feed, but the days were tough and I am here on my own a lot with my husband at work.

He slept 30-40 mins at a time. Being the novice first time mother that I am, I would get him out of bed when he woke…

He would then be tired and cranky within 40 mins, and so his feeds were all over the place and each day was so unpredictable. It made going out very difficult. It was making us both very unhappy.

After reading your i-book, I showed my husband- something I haven’t done previously as other strategies weren’t suitable for us (I wasn’t prepared to let him cry on his own, but also didn’t want to be cuddling him back to sleep).

My husband and I spent 2 days patting him back to sleep for each of his naps. There were a few occasions where this took up to 80 mins, but I was insistent that we would not get him out of his bassinet until it was time to get up for a feed. In the first 7 days, there were times where he didn’t go back to sleep, but he was happy to lay in his bassinet (wrapped, in a darkened room with white noise). He is now, two weeks later, still waking after that first sleep cycle, but 9 times out of 10, he will just roll over and go back to sleep. He will occasionally have trouble getting back to sleep, but I can see (on our video monitor) that he really is trying, as he is still tired. The other times, I just pop his dummy back in and he sleeps for another 2 sleep cycles.

He sleeps, wakes and feeds now at roughly the same time every day, give or take half an hour. It has made such a difference to our lives!!!

What I love about your technique is that we weren’t encouraged to leave our baby alone to cry himself to sleep and that you provided specific examples of how to help him learn to resettle himself. I did, on occasion, pick him up out of his bassinet to give him a cuddle if he was distressed, but he then went straight back into his bassinet once he was calm. I strongly believe this has re-inforced to him that sleep time is sleep time and it is to be done in the bassinet, not in my arms, and that while the room is darkened and there is white noise and you are wrapped, it is still time to be sleeping. He now prefers to be put straight into his bassinet rather than cuddled and patted for a few minutes. We are also very strict with the sleep cues. Nappy change, wrap, draw blinds and curtains, give him his dummy, white noise machine on and down to bed. It works a treat, every time.

I am so so grateful to have found you and your techniques on responsive settling. It has given me the confidence to know that we can set some sort of routine for him even at this early age, and that in fact, it has benefited him greatly. He is absolutely thriving, and now sleeps 12 hours over night- still waking for a feed, but will sleep through until 6.30/7am.

I just wanted you to know that you have made a very positive difference in our lives, so thank you again 🙂

(While I have been typing this email, he woke after 40 mins, turned his head over, and has now been asleep for another 35 mins so far).”

To purchase Jo’s book either the hard copy or the iBook click here.

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