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Another wonderful testimonial from a satisfied BabyBliss family. We are going to regularly post these stories as we know they are very helpful to parents  struggling with all kinds of different things that go along with having a young family.

“It’s been five months since we had Jo come out for a three night stay and I just thought I would check back in with our progress.

Miss A had a pretty poor sleep history and the month before we got Jo out she had started to wake every 1.5-2 hours and my husband and I were tearing our hair out. By the time Jo was due to come A was waking only twice overnight and we actually thought maybe we didn’t need Jo. But A was 8 months old and according to Jo’s book should have been capable of going through the night without two breastfeeds! Jo turned up the first night and even though she probably thought we were a neurotic pair she didn’t let on!! Jo was very patient with us and answered all our questions (and we had plenty) and really reassured us that we had done the right thing in asking for help. On the third night A woke just the once over night and Jo had managed to get her to drop both feeds overnight – I felt like a new woman! The first few weeks we worried that A was waking too early (she was waking between 445-515am and we weren’t able to get her back to sleep). Jo was an amazing support during this time and we learnt to accept we had an early riser on our hands (but now also one that slept through from 630pm!).

Five months on we have a 13.5 month old who is walking and chatting away. She was always a happy girl (despite the poor sleep) but now she actually points to the cot and happily goes down for her naps which have improved too since her nights have improved (2 x 1-2 hours each) and after a fairly strict bedtime routine Miss A goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps through until about 615am (these days is not such an early riser).

The biggest achievements I think are the wakes during the night – although Miss A sometimes wakes up and calls out, these days she can put herself back to sleep without our help. Previously we were going into her multiple times a night. Over the last five months we have been into her only 4 times at night and they were probably in the first few weeks after Jo came. I think this really is amazing!

Jo, thank you so much for the amazing gift you gave us – the confidence that we could help Miss A to get a great night’s sleep. We really do think of you often and feel we are so lucky now we have a great little sleeper!”

The family in this story had Jo come to them for the Three Night Sleep Program. The three night program is our most popular program. If you would like to book this program or speak to someone about it, please call 1300 166 940, or contact us by clicking here.

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