Infographic: days lost to baby not sleeping

How much sleep are you really losing from your baby not sleeping?

When we did our first infographic, we had a number of people ask questions about the estimate of days’ lost to baby not sleeping. The data from our first infographic comes from a study at the University of California in 2004 which was quite specific about the amount of sleep lost in the day and night.

However, there are a bunch of other studies that show higher amounts of sleep are lost so we wanted to share them with you. Hopefully, next time a non-parent says, “Yeah, I didn’t get a good night last night either,” you can gently give them the heads up about just how much sleep you’re not getting.

If you’re interested, you’ll also see references below, to read more about where the data comes from.

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days lost baby not sleeping
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5 days for women and 2 days for men (night time sleep)

Sleep Patterns and Fatigue in New Mothers and Fathers, Caryl L. Gay, PhD, Kathryn A. Lee, RN, PhD, FAAN, and Shih-Yu Lee, RN, MS, Biol Res Nurs. Apr 2004; 5(4): 311–318.


6 months in the first 24 months

Sleepnight Survey, 2010


16 to 31 days in the first year

National Sleep Research Project, Australasian Sleep Association, 2000


44 days lost in first year

Ergo Flex, 2013


Average 2 hours sleep lost per night by mothers of newborns

William C Dement, 2014

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