Infographic: showers with an unsettled baby

“It’s been a while since I enjoyed a long shower”

One of our BabyBliss mums was saying the other day how much she missed a long shower. It seems every day she’s rushing to get in and out or there’s an adorable little person banging on the bathroom door for Muuuuum! or looking at her through the showerscreen.

She made this mini-infographic to explain her point of view. (It’s obviously not based in science, only her impressions but boy, I’d love to see the data on this if anyone ever did a real scientific study.).

If you have an unsettled baby, finding time to shower can be difficult. Sometimes when I visit mums with a baby not sleeping, they do take the time while I’m there to shower in peace!

When the government urges us to take shorter shower, they’re definitely not talking to parents!

Have your showers got shorter since the arrival of your bubs? Do you leave the bathroom door open to listen for the baby crying in their sleep?

A big shout out to those of you missing a long shower today!

All the best



Unsettled baby showering infographic

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