My toddler won’t sleep without me in the room.

Toddlers are funny, amazing and frustrating little things!

As a toddler, they are experiencing a time of their life where their development is enormous and the world can become a very scary place. One of the side-effects of all this development is a big dose of separation anxiety and this can manifest itself in sleep disturbances. The baby you had who would go off to sleep on their own and sleep well all night, is now requiring you to sit with them for hours and hours before they fall asleep and then waking more times that you would like overnight, requiring your same presence. What just happened to my sleeping baby!

This video look at a couple of “burning questions” from mums on our Facebook page. I discuss why your toddler won’t sleep and what you can do to help them get back to that sleeping baby you once had. Just a bigger version!

If you are still struggling, we do have some great resources that can also help. In the shop we have some very helpful and interesting seminar recordings from me and some from Dr Justin Coulson from Happy Families.

Subjects covered are:

Toddlers: eating, sleeping and dealing with the NOs

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers: Keeping them safe and yourself sane.

Discipline Strategies: setting limits.

What your child needs from you.

And if you know someone who is struggling with a toddlers who is proving to be a bit challenging, then please share this with them.

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