Infographic: focus before and after unsettled baby

Focus before after baby

How things change with an unsettled baby…

It’s amazing how things change when you have a baby, especially an unsettled baby. Remember when you used to sleep in until 11am on weekends?

Having a baby changes your focus dramatically and forever!

I think parents discover so much about themselves and their own strengths.

You definitely also learn to prioritise – does it really matter that you’re carrying five extra kilos? Do you really care about ironing that shirt?

Suddenly your baby’s needs seem so much more important than a bunch of other things. Do you find yourself crying more easily at those cheesey ads you wouldn’t even have looked at before? How embarrassing. Except it’s not!

You no longer need to set an alarm for the morning. You now think nothing of going to bed at 9.30pm on Saturday night!

A lot of mothers tell me they now have a new found respect for their own mothers and fathers and what they went through. They feel like they can listen to them in a different way.

You try not to be boring but you do find yourself talking about things that you never thought you would. Length of sleeps, amount of food eaten. Even nappies.

You can give yourself credit for things – like making a baby or keeping them alive and happy. Or even just getting dinner on the table.

You’ve got waaaaay more sympathy for other parents whose children are having a tantrum in public.

You know that a day is not going to turn our exactly how you planned it, but you’re fine with that.

You’re ok and your baby’s ok!

All the best



ps: What ways has your focus changed? Leave me a comment below or on Facebook. And feel free to share this info graphic so people can see what you’re talking about when you say, “I’ve changed since having a baby!”

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