Night waking, baby won’t sleep, toddlers, weaning, immunisations and much more!

In today’s final video for July (it’s okay, we know it’s August!), I answer all the questions that were asked on our Facebook page last week.

I cover toddlers waking, baby sleep and settling, catnapping baby, resettling, weaning, immunisations and lots more!

You can also look back over all the previous videos if you still have questions:

My toddler won’t sleep without me in the room.

How do I manage my toddler and my baby’s naps?

Swaddling and baby catnapping.

How do I wean my 15 month of night feeds without waking my toddler?

Pleas share this if you feel it will help someone you know and thanks so much for your participation, it has been fun answering all your questions.

Jo x

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