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Get your baby sleeping more easily and for longer with our most popular, gentle products in one new, convenient bundle. Easy to follow and practical fact sheets, videos and recordings. Advice and techniques you can download straight away. You choose one of each of the following products: a package which would normally cost over $50.

  • An effective routine specific to your baby’s age. We get an incredible response to our routines, with over 10,000 downloaded.
  • A tip sheet on specific problems: dummy dependence, catnapping, feeding to sleep, cuddling to sleep, driving to sleep.
  • A video with practical techniques like how to settle an overtired baby, play time and swaddling.
  • A seminar from Jo Ryan, founder of BabyBliss, on subjects like dealing with the Toddler Nos and how to help catnapping.

“I was, and still am stunned at how easy and quick Jo’s method was for getting my daughter to sleep through the night.” – BabyBliss client

Make your individual choices below, tailored to your baby’s needs and then click add to cart at the bottom. You will be able to download your purchases and start using the advice and techniques to improve your baby’s sleep today.

We’ve helped more than 3,500 parents get their babies sleeping better. We’d love to help you too.

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At BabyBliss we want to provide all parents with the best, proven and tested, supportive methods to allow their experience of young family life to be as good as it can be. We don’t use Controlled Crying or Cry-It-Out techniques. We DO use gentle, effective techniques that really work.

We’ve provided over 10,000 routines to parents to help get a rhythm to their day and we’ve sold more than 8,500 books with our BabyBliss Settling Technique to help babies settle more easily and for longer.

This effective bundle lets you choose:

  • a routine specific to your baby’s age
  • a tip sheet to deal with a specific problem (like catnapping, feeding to sleep or dummy dependence)
  • a video with practical techniques like burping, swaddling and settling, and
  • a seminar on the issues facing parents.

…all for one low price.

Get the help and advice you need with our gentle, effective parenting techniques.

What parents say after using BabyBliss techniques…

“My baby’s so much happier and calmer.”
“I’ve got time to clean the house, take a shower, have a cup of tea, even talk to a friend.”
“I’ve got the energy to enjoy my baby.”
“I’m connecting with my baby in a different way.”
“I can play with her and nurture her development without so much stress.”
“I just feel more rested.”

2 reviews for Sleep Well Package

  1. Julie McCabe (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Sleep Well Package. This package included the 3-6 month routine, Catnapping Tip Sheet, Settling an Over-tired baby video & Jo’s catnapping & the 4 month sleep regression parenting seminar.

    I decided to purchase this package after plucking up the courage to admit that I did need help. My daughter is 5 months old and has never had a day sleep of more than 20 mins despite my best efforts. I have always felt that she was tired and needed sleep but to my amazement friends, family and some health professionals have been telling me that “she is hungry” or ” some babies just don’t sleep during the day” or “be great full, she sleeps at night”.

    Well, perhaps mums do know best. After two weeks of using Jo’s tip sheets and techniques, my daughter now has – a bed time ritual which sees her in be by 7 pm every night. We get somewhere between 10-12 hours sleep. I also now know how to recognise an overtired baby and settle her. My daughter is now following routine, being fed when hungry, settles in her cot and is now mastering 3 sleeps during the day which are lasting 60-90 mins!

    Thank you Jo for these amazing tips. They really have given me the confidence to trust my instincts, in still routine and take a step back and realise I can do it. I have a beautiful baby that now sleeps.

    • Jo

      Great news Julie! I always tell mums to trust their instincts!

  2. Maxi (verified owner)

    This package saved us a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of frustrating nap-less days! We went from a catnapping day sleeper and an hourly feeder overnight to three decent sleeps a day, completely self-settling. And bub now only feeds twice a night. And all without a dummy! This really only took a few days and changed our lives. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    • Jo

      Thanks for your feedback Maxi. I am so pleased it all went so well for you! Jo

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